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New Life (Audio Sermon)

New Life

Precious Life (Audio Sermon)

Precious Life

Wars and Rumors of Wars (Audio Sermon)

Wars and Rumors of Wars

In The Light (Audio Sermon)

"In The Light"

Never Forsaken (Audio Sermon)

Never Forsaken

Paul At Mars Hill (Audio Sermon)

Paul At Mars Hill

God's Great Bubbles of Protection

Have you ever thought how amazing it is that the Earth seems to be perfectly situated as a habitat for man? Man needs water to survive, and the Earth has a hydrology system that cleans and purifies water on a

"Once Saved, Always Saved" (Audio Sermon)

"Once Saved, Always Saved"

"Once Saved, Always Saved"

Date written: 9/16/06 Scripture ref: John 15:1-8 SUBJECT: False Doctrine TITLE: “Once Saved, Always Saved” PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will look at the doctrine of “Once Saved, Always Saved.” 1) It's historical background, 2) The Bible's teaching on security,

The Sin of Lying

Of all the sins that man may commit, lying is perhaps the most destructive. Lies, per se, aren't all that harmful; they're just words, but their consequences are destructive. When people base their decisions on lies, they make bad choices

"I'd Rather Have Jesus"

Date written: September 2nd, 2006 Scripture ref: Philippians 3:8-10 SUBJECT: Jesus, Salvation TITLE: “I'd Rather Have Jesus” PROPOSITION: I'd rather have Jesus than 1) Wealth, 2) Popularity, 3) Sin and Its Consequences. OBJECTIVE: That each would join with Paul in

"I'd Rather Have Jesus" (Audio Sermon)

"I'd Rather Have Jesus"

Exact Essentials

That which is essential is that which is fundamentally necessary and indispensable. Cereal boxes talk about essential vitamins and minerals. These are things the FDA says are necessary and indispensable for our physical well being. There are other things that

The Blessings of Being A Child of God (Audio Sermon)

The Blessings of Being a Child of God

Will there be instrumental music in heaven?

Revelation 5:8 and other passages in the book of Revelation talk about there being harps in heaven. If there are instruments of music in heaven, why can we not use them here on the earth in worship to God?

The Blessings of Being a Child of God

Date written: September 2nd, 2006 Scripture ref: 1 John 3:1-3 SUBJECT: God's Family, Blessings TITLE: The Blessings of Being a Child of God PROPOSITION: To be a child of God is to have the blessing of: 1) Forgiveness, 2) Family

Excellent Endorphins!

It is no secret that I have been involved in a good amount of exercise over the past several months. One of the things that I have experienced in exercising is the so-called "runner's high." During cardiovascular exercise, the body