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LIGHT_Without Fault (Audio Sermon)

11-02-14am LIGHT_Without Fault.mp3

1 Th_Their Conversion (Audio Sermon)

11-02-14pm 1TH_Conversion.mp3

LIGHT_Fear & Trembling (Audio Sermon)

10-26-14am LIGHT_Fear & Trembling.mp3

1TH_Paul's Sincerity (Audio Sermon)

10-26-14pm 1TH_Paul's Sincerity.mp3

Working out Your Salvation

10-19-14am Working out Your Salvation.mp3

1 Thessalonians -Transformation

10-19-14pm 1TH_Transformation.mp3

NTC_Nature of the Foundation (Audio Sermon)

08-24-14am NTC_Nature of the Foundation.mp3

A Higher Standard to Live By (Audio Sermon)

08-24-14pm A Higher Standard to Live By.mp3

Buy Truth and Sell it Not (Audio Sermon)

08-17-14am Buy Truth and Sell it Not.mp3

Better than Forgiveness (Audio Sermon)

08-17-14pm Better Than Forgiveness.mp3

Our Hope (Audio Sermon)

08-10-14am Our Hope.mp3

Things We Cannot Escape (Audio Sermon)

08-10-14pm Things We Cannot Escape.mp3

God is Merciful (Audio Sermon)

08-03-14am God is Merciful.mp3

God is Love (Audio Sermon)

07-27-14am God is Love.mp3

Turning Against Jesus (Audio Sermon)

07-27-14pm Turning Against Jesus.mp3

God is Glorious (Audio Sermon)

07-20-14am God is Glorious.mp3

Jesus it the Coming One (Audio Sermon)

07-20-14pm Jesus is the Coming One.mp3

Be Careful of Sin (Audio Sermon)

07-13-14am Be Careful Of Sin.mp3

Blessed Unity (Audio Sermon)

07-13-14pm Blessed Unity.mp3

God is Omnipotent (Audio Sermon)

06-29-14am God is Omnipotent.mp3

Sweet Fellowship (Audio Sermon)

06-29-14pm Sweet Fellowship.mp3

God is Omniscient (Audio Sermon)

06-22-14am God Is Omniscient.mp3

Building Trust in God (Audio Sermon)

06-22-14pm Building Trust in God.mp3

Conduct of Godly Fathers (Audio Sermons)

06-15-14am Conduct Of Godly Fathers.mp3

Perfecting Holiness (Audio Sermon)

06-15-14pm Perfecting Holiness.mp3

Ambassadors for Christ (Audio Sermon)

06-08-14am Ambassadors For Christ.mp3

Take Up Your Cross (Audio Sermon)

06-08-14pm Take Up Your Cross.mp3

Walk by Faith (Audio Sermon)

06-01-14am Walk By Faith.mp3

Defilement from Within (Audio Sermon)

06-01-14pm Defilement from Within.mp3

Send Us to the Swine (Audio Sermon)

05-25-14am Send Us To The Swine.mp3

Enter His Rest (Audio Sermons)

05-25-14pm Enter His Rest.mp3

While We Were Sinners (Audio Sermon)

05-18-14am While We Were Sinners.mp3

Sift You Like Wheat (Audio Sermon)

05-18-14pm Sift You Like Wheat.mp3

Honoring Your Mothers (Audio Sermon)

05-11-14am Honoring Your Mothers.mp3

Guard Your Heart (Audio Sermon)

05-11-14pm Guard Your Heart.mp3

What is the Birthright to Me? (Audio Sermon)

05-04-14am What is the Birthright to Me.mp3

We Don't Lose Heart (Audio Sermon)

05-04-14pm We Don't Lose Heart.mp3

The Empty Tomb (Audio Sermon)

04-20-14am The Empty Tomb.mp3

Following the Steps of Jesus (Audio Sermon)

04-20-14pm Following the Steps of Jesus.mp3

Not a Ticket to Sin (Audio Sermon)

04-06-14am Not A Ticket To Sin.mp3

Learning from Trials (Audio Sermons)

04-06-14pm Learning From Trials.mp3

Pray for all Men (Audio Sermons)

03-31-14 am Pray for all Men.mp3

Ezra's Faith in God (Audio Sermon)

03-31-14 pm Ezra's Faith in God.mp3

Guard Your Speech (Audio Sermon)

03-23-14am Guard Your Speech.mp3

Forgive the Offender (Audio Sermon)

03-23-14pm Forgive the Offender.mp3

Seeking the Old Paths (Audio Sermon)

03-16-14am Seeking the Old Paths.mp3

God is Able to Save (Audio Sermon)

03-16-14pm God is Able to Save.mp3

Homosexuality (Audio Sermon)

03-09-14 am Homosexuality.mp3

Guard Your Heart (Audio Sermon)

03-09-14 pm Guard Your Heart.mp3

Response to the Cross (Audio Sermon)

02-23-14am Response to the Cross.mp3

How Majestic is Your Name (Audio Sermon)

02-23-14pm How Majestic is Your Name.mp3

The Reality of Hell

02-16-14am The Reality of Hell.mp3

I Finished the Race

02-16-14pm I Finished the Race.mp3

Power of the Gospel (Audio Sermon)

01-26-14am Power of the Gospel.mp3

Two Evils (Audio Sermon)

01-26-14pm Two Evils.mp3

Dealing with Discouragement (Audio Sermons)

01-19-14am Dealing with Discouragement.mp3

Salt & Light (Audio Sermons)

01-19-14pm Salt & Light.mp3

Called to Repent (Audio Sermon)

01-12-14am Called to Repent.mp3

Perseverance of the Saints (Audio Sermon)

01-12-14pm Perseverance of the Saints.mp3

Fall of Man (Audio Sermon)

01-05-14am Fall of Man.mp3

Irresistible Grace (Audio Sermon)

01-05-14pm Irresistible Grace.mp3

Drawing Near to God (Audio Sermon)

12-29-13a Drawing Near to God.mp3

Limited Atonement (Audio Sermon)

12-29-13p Limited Atonement.mp3

What We Celebrate (Audio Sermon)

12-22-13am What We Celebrate.mp3

Unconditional Election (Audio Sermon)

12-22-13pm Unconditional Election.mp3

The Shunammite's Faith (Audio Sermon)

12-15-13am The Shunammite's Faith.mp3

Total Depravity (Audio Sermons)

12-15-13pm Total Depravity.mp3

The Unstoppable Gospel (Audio Sermon)

12-08-13am The Unstoppable Gospel.mp3

The Golden Passage (Audio Sermon)

12-08-13pm The Golden Passage.mp3

The Widow's Jar of Oil (Audio Sermon)

12-01-13am The Widow's Jar of Oil.mp3

Rejected Stone (Audio Sermon)

12-01-13pm Rejected Stone.mp3

Lest we Drift Away (Audio Sermon)

11-24-13am Lest We Drift Away.mp3

Satan's Devices (Audio Sermon)

11-24-13pm Satan's Devices.mp3

Come Walk on the Water (Audio Sermon)

11-17-13am Come on the Water.mp3

Steadfast in the Faith (Audio Sermon)

11-17-13pm Steadfast in the Faith.mp3

Come to Me and Drink (Audio Sermon)

11-10-13am Come to Me and Drink.mp3

Christ Will Be Magnified (Audio Sermon)

11-10-13pm Christ Will Be Magnified.mp3

Come and I will Give You Rest (Audio Sermon)

11-03-13am Come and I Will Give You Rest.mp3

Gospel Message is Not Hindered (Audio Sermon)

11-03-13pm Gospel Message is Not Hindered.mp3

Come Follow Me (Audio Sermon)

10-27-13am Come Follow Me.mp3

Growing in Love for the Church (Audio Sermon)

10-27-13pm Growing in Love for the Church.mp3

The Blessed Assembly (Audio Sermon)

10-20-13am The Blessed Assembly.mp3

Pardon Refused (Audio Sermon)

10-20-13pm Pardon Refused.mp3

Baptism (Audio Sermon)

10-06-13am Baptism.mp3

The Image of Christ (Audio Sermon)

10-06-13pm The Image of Christ.mp3

The Identity of the Church (Audio Sermon)

09-29-13am The Identity of the Church.mp3

Lessons from Solomon's Sword (Audio Sermon)

09-29-13pm Lessons from Solomon's Sword.mp3

The Bible is Superior (Audio Sermon)

09-22-13am The Bible is Superior.mp3

Lessons from the Cross (Audio Sermon)

09-22-13pm Lessons from the Cross.mp3

Jesus is Heart of our Teaching -Pt 2 (Audio Sermon)

09-15-13am Jesus is Heart of our Teaching -Pt 2.mp3

Preaching of John the Baptist (Audio Sermon)

09-15-13pm Preaching of John the Baptist.mp3

Mr. Blessed of God (Audio Sermon)

Eddie Cloer, 09-08-13am; Mr. Blessed of God.mp3 

Jesus is the Heart of our Teaching -Pt 1 (Audio Sermon)

09-08-13pm Jesus is the Heart of our Teaching -Pt 1.mp3

God is Sovereign (Audio Sermon)

09-01-13am God Is Sovereign.mp3

Jesus Friend of Sinners (Audio Sermon)

09-01-13pm Jesus Friend Of Sinners.mp3

Great in the Kingdom (Audio Sermon)

08-25-13am Great In The Kingdom.mp3

Faith of Moses (Audio Sermon)

08-25-13pm Faith Of Moses.mp3

More About Jesus (Audio Sermon)

08-11-13am More About Jesus

Noah Found Grace (Audio Sermon)

07-21-13am Noah Found Grace.mp3

Common Deceptions (Audio Sermons)

02-10-13am Common Deceptions.mp3

The Good Father (Audio Sermon)

"The Good Father"

The Bible - Our Pattern from God Part 1 (Audio Sermon)

The Bible - Our Pattern from God Part 1

The Bible - Our Pattern from God Part 2 (Audio Sermon)

The Bible - Our Pattern from God Part 2

Faithfulness (Audio Sermon)


Pattern of Authority (Audio Sermon)

"Pattern of Authority"

Beware of False Prophets (Audio Sermon)

Beware of False Prophets

Pattern for the Church (Audio Sermon)

"Pattern for the Church"

The Art of Perseverance

The Art of Perseverance

Conversion Accounts - Samaritans (Audio Sermon)

Conversion Accounts - Samaritans

Studies in Genesis - Sodom and Gomorrah (Audio Sermon)

Studies in Genesis - Sodom and Gomorrah

Be Not Weary In Well Doing (Audio Sermon)

Be Not Weary In Well Doing

"The Hand that was Wounded" (Audio Sermon)

"The Hand That Was Wounded"

Growing and Abounding Spiritually (Audio Sermon)

"Growing and Abounding Spiritually"

Milk and Meat (Audio Sermon)

"Milk and Meat"

Lessons from the Life of Hezekiah (Audio Sermon)

"Lessons from the Life of Hezekiah"

Jesus Is Lord (Audio Sermon)

"Jesus Is Lord"

The Ten Commandments #1 and #2 - Idolatry (Audio Sermons)

"The Ten Commandments #1 and #2 - Idolatry"

Open My Eyes (Audio Sermon)

"Open My Eyes"

The Old and New Testaments (Audio Sermon)

"The Old and New Testaments"

The Way of the Lord (Audio Sermon)

"The Way of the Lord"

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out (Audio Sermon)

"Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out"

A Formula For Honest Living (Audio Sermon)

"A Formula For Honest Living"

David's Penitent Heart (Audio Sermon)

"David's Penitent Heart"

"More Holiness Give Me" (Audio Sermon)

"More Holiness Give Me"

I Resign And I Resolve (Audio Sermon)

"I Resign And I Resolve"

Who Am I? (Audio Sermon)

Who Am I?

Worshiping in Song (Audio Sermon)

Worshiping in Song

Why Do We Have Elders? (Audio Sermon)

Why Do We Have Elders?

Women Who Worked for God (Audio Sermon)

Women Who Worked For God

"Christ We Do All Adore Thee" (Audio Sermon)

"Christ We Do All Adore Thee"

The Importance of Hope (Audio Sermon)

The Importance of Hope

Life Is In The Blood

Life Is In The Blood

Beverage Alcohol (Audio Sermon)

Beverage Alcohol

Do It Heartily! (Audio Sermon)

Do It Heartily!

At The End (Audio Sermon)

At The End

Taken In Adultery (Audio Sermon)

Taken In Adultery

"Remember Lot's Wife" (Audio Sermon)

"Remember Lots Wife"

"Can He Depend On You?" (Audio Sermon)

Can He Depend On You?

Studies in Genesis - The Call of Abram (Audio Sermon)

Studies in Genesis - The Call of Abram

The Christian and Politics (Audio Sermon)

The Christian and Politics

The Christian and Retirement (Audio Sermon)

The Christian and Retirement

New Life (Audio Sermon)

New Life

Precious Life (Audio Sermon)

Precious Life

Wars and Rumors of Wars (Audio Sermon)

Wars and Rumors of Wars

In The Light (Audio Sermon)

"In The Light"

Never Forsaken (Audio Sermon)

Never Forsaken

Paul At Mars Hill (Audio Sermon)

Paul At Mars Hill

"Once Saved, Always Saved" (Audio Sermon)

"Once Saved, Always Saved"

"I'd Rather Have Jesus" (Audio Sermon)

"I'd Rather Have Jesus"

The Blessings of Being A Child of God (Audio Sermon)

The Blessings of Being a Child of God

Inner Demons (Audio Sermon)

Inner Demons

Going Back To Jerusalem (Audio Sermon)

Going Back To Jerusalem

How We Got the Bible (Audio Sermon)

How We Got The Bible

Loving Our Enemies (Audio Sermon)

Loving Our Enemies

Does It Matter What We Believe? (Audio Sermon)

Does It Matter What We Believe?

Loving The Brethren (Audio Sermon)

Loving The Brethren

Studies in Genesis - The Tower of Babel (Audio Sermon)

Studies in Genesis - The Tower of Babel

The Greatest Command (Audio Sermon)

The Greatest Command

Lessons from the Life of Judas (Audio Sermon)

Lessons from the Life of Judas

The Second Command (Audio Sermon)

The Second Command

Asian Churches - Philadelphia (Audio Sermon)

Asian Churches - Philadelphia

Set Your Affections on the Things Above (Audio Sermon)

Set Your Affections On The Things Above

The Doctrines of Gnosticism (Audio)

The Doctrines of Gnosticism

Real Liberty (Audio)

Real Liberty

When Religion Has No Authority (Audio)

When Religion Has No Authority

Not Just Ticket Punching (Audio)

Not Just Ticket Punching

Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen in You (Audio)

Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen in You

The Sin of Presumption

The Sin of Presumption

Studies in Genesis - The Fall (Audio)

Studies in Genesis - The Fall

The Problems of Preachers (Audio)

The Problems of Preachers

Asian Churches - Sardis (Audio)

Asian Churches - Sardis

The Need For Vision (Audio)

The Need for Vision

Lessons from the Life of Jonah (Audio)

Lessons from the Life of Jonah

Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Audio)

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Who Do You Love? (Audio Sermon)

Who Do You Love?

Be Ye Reconciled! (Audio Sermon)

Be Ye Reconciled!