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"Miracle Baby"

Several weeks ago there was a storm that went through the upper Midwest. The news reported that a tornado passed through a residential area and a baby was swept away. There's no doubt that was an emotionally tumultuous evening for

Beware of False Prophets (Audio Sermon)

Beware of False Prophets

"Beware of False Prophets"

Date written: May 6th, 2007 Scripture ref: Matthew 7:15-20 SUBJECT: Truth, Warning, False Teachers TITLE: "Beware of False Prophets" PROPOSITION: What are the dangers of listening to false prophets? 1) Diversion, 2) Division, 3) Damnation. Objectives: That we would be

"Once Saved, Always Saved" (Audio Sermon)

"Once Saved, Always Saved"

"Once Saved, Always Saved"

Date written: 9/16/06 Scripture ref: John 15:1-8 SUBJECT: False Doctrine TITLE: “Once Saved, Always Saved” PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will look at the doctrine of “Once Saved, Always Saved.” 1) It's historical background, 2) The Bible's teaching on security,

Studies in Ecclesiastes - Is Life Vain?

Date written: June 10th, 2006 Scripture ref: Ecclesiastes 1:1-8 SUBJECT: Passage Study, Meaning of Life, Vanity TITLE: Studies in Ecclesiastes – Is Life Vain? PROPOSITION: In this lesson we'll look at the first chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes and

The Doctrines of Gnosticism (Audio)

The Doctrines of Gnosticism

The Doctrines of Gnosticism

Date written: May 7th, 2006 Scripture ref: Jude 1:3-5 SUBJECT: False Doctrine TITLE: The Doctrines of Gnosticism PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will examine the doctrines of Gnosticism as newly touted by the popular media in "The Da Vinci Code,"

The Tribulation and the Thousand Year Reign

Date written: September 30th, 2005 Scripture ref: Revelation 20:1-10 SUBJECT: End Times TITLE: The Tribulation and Thousand Year Reign PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will look at what the Bible has to say about the tribulation and the thousand year

The Parable of the Two "Waters"

A man was dying in the desert when he came upon a tent. Inside the tent were two people. One of those people appeared friendly, warm, and inviting. The other person appeared ugly, cold and repulsive. In front of both

Paganisms Promises?

Witches, warlocks, bards, ovates, and druids: you're probably thinking that Halloween is over for this year, so why the strange list? Well, according to Reuters news service, pagans are celebrating Samhuin, the Celtic new year, and "a time for remembering

The Ancient Doctrine of "Once Saved, Always Saved"

We all know people who believe the doctrine of "Once saved, always saved." This is the idea that once a person becomes a child of God, there is no sin that they can commit to lose their salvation. Many people

The Carroll County Augurers' Society

Every week is an adventure of the mind here in Berryville. Just when you think that you have "seen it all" something happens to make you realize that there are no bounds to which people will go in their minds

Biblical Objections to Catholicism

Catholicism has always had a large media spotlight, but recently Catholicism has garnered more media attention that usual. This is because of the scandalous events that have surrounded the Catholic Church as of late. The media has focused the spotlight

"Witnessing" For Christ

More and more I hear of members of the church speaking about "witnessing" and less frequently do I hear about members of the church speaking about teaching the gospel of Christ. While the term "witness" is a biblical one and

Beliefs of Islam Examined

Date written: April 28th, 2004 Scripture ref: Matthew 7:15-20 SUBJECT: False Religion/Doctrine TITLE: Beliefs of Islam PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will briefly notice what Muslims believe about key areas of religious thought, namely, what they believe about Jesus, the